CARS, DESIGN AND EMOTION – In praise of aesthetical pleasure

CARS, DESIGN AND EMOTION – In praise of aesthetical pleasure

Discover the new design book by Carlo Bonzanigo, co-founder and managing Partner at ANYMA DESIGN: CARS, DESIGN AND EMOTION – In praise of aesthetical pleasure, edited by Artioli Editore 1899, Modena, Italy.


Why do certain objects we are looking at provoke emotions within us? What makes an aesthetic composition, a product or an artistic expression an aesthetic winner? Is it really true that beauty is subjective, or is there truly a clear set of rules behind a composition that visually satisfies us?

Moreover, how does the interaction between harmony and character work in a creation? What subtle alchemy binds them, making an object that possesses both these attributes irresistibly attractive? Where and how do we draw the line between these two fundamental elements in any successful aesthetic expression?

These and other questions are addressed in a fascinating journey in search of the mechanisms underlying aesthetic pleasure.

Through the car design profession and the strong impulse it has given to the whole industrial design sector in terms of emotionality, Carlo Bonzanigo analyses the role the car has had, for more than a century, as our material alter ego, and looks into the car’s future which is, more than ever before, conditioned by great environmental, social, technical, and economic changes.

An exploration that will touch different but nevertheless interconnected worlds: industrial design (and automotive design in particular) and neuroscience, art and technology, anthropology and aesthetics, the human being and our emotions.

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